Monday, 20 February 2012

Beef Wellingtons

I haven't blogged for so long. But here we go...

I made some ah-mazing beef wellingtons last week, what with being off school I have actually had time to cook! They were monsters.

Fry the finest beef fillet in a hot- hot- hot pan to brown and remove immediately. Finely chop some big portobello mushrooms and season with a ton of salt and pepper and fry them in the same pan. Blanch some savoy cabbage and dry with a tea- towel. Roll out the pastry (despite being off school, I still haven't got enough time to make puff pastry...) and layer cabbage, mushrooms, steak, mushrooms and cabbage. Cover with more pastry and top with a heart (I am such a girl). Wash with free- range egg and much as possible (chilling in the fridge in between) and bake for 15 minutes, or unitl the pastry browns.

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